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৳ 3,800 Tk
LC-100A L/C/F Inductance Capacitance Meter,This product relative to the product on the market induct..
৳ 5,500 Tk
MASTECH MS8229 5-in-1 Autorange Digital Multimeter With Alarm.Mastech MS8229 is a unique 5-in-1..
৳ 2,000 Tk
Low-Price Multi-Function Digital MultimeterThe MS8264 is a multi function Digital Multimeter (DMM) t..
৳ 2,650 Tk
MASTECH MS8268 Auto Range Digital Multimeter Full protection ac/dc ammeter voltmeter ohm Frequency e..
৳ 4,800 Tk
Mastech MS2108A Auto Range DC AC Current Professional Digital Clamp Multimeter Voltage Frequency Met..
৳ 2,800 Tk
The MS6208A is a contact-type digital tachometer with stable performance, high reliability and high ..
৳ 1,500 Tk
MS8910 Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers SMD Tester RC Resistance Capacitance Meter Multimetro Auto ..
৳ 1,800 Tk
MASTECH MS8910 SMD RC Resistance Capacitance Meter Tester Tweezer The Tester is a handheld and ..
৳ 5,500 Tk
UNI-T UT139C True RMS Digital Multimeters AC/DC Voltage and Current with Temperature Auto Range.UNI-..
৳ 5,500 Tk
Multimeter True RMS Auto Range 400-600A Digital Clamp Meters w/ Frequency Test Highly Voltage Tester..
৳ 1,500 Tk
UNI-T UT120C Super Slim Pocket Handheld Digital Multimeters AC DC Amp Tester.Specification:DC voltag..
৳ 1,800 Tk
UNI-T UT136C Auto-Range Multimeter Tester Temp Frequency AC DC Resistance Volt.100% Brand New And Hi..
৳ 2,800 Tk
UNI-T UT203 Digital Handheld Clamp Multimeter Tester Meter DMM CE AC DC Volt AmpOverview:  ..
৳ 700 Tk
UNI-T UT33B Handheld DMM Digital Multimeter DC/AC Voltage Current Battery TesterFeatures:Display Cou..
৳ 1,050 Tk
UT33C UNI-T Palm Size Digital Multimeter. Details: Professional fully featured palm-size digit..
৳ 4,200 Tk
Hot Professional UNIT LCR Meters UT603 2mH-20H Resistance 20Mohm Capacitance 600uFSpecifications:Bas..
৳ 17,000 Tk
UTG9002C signal generator 2 MHzThe generated frequency: 0.2 Hz ... 2 MHz Frequency accuracy: ± ..
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