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12N60 N-Chanel Power Mosfet 12A, 600V, 0.8Ω.Type Designator: 12N60 Type of 12N60 transistor: MOS..
৳ 120 Tk
2N5459 JFET N Channel Transistor TO-92.Features: Drain-Gate Volt (Vdg): 25VGate-Source Volt (..
৳ 10 Tk
2N-7000 MOSFET N-CHANNEL 60V 200mA. 2N7000 DatasheetManufacturer:Fairchild SemiconductorProduct..
৳ 5 Tk
2N7002 - MOSFET, N-Channel, SMD SOT-23A useful general purpose Mosfet transistor in a surface mount ..
৳ 65 Tk
2SK1101-01MR MOSFET 50W, 450V,10A.Type Designator: 2SK1101-01MRType of 2SK1101-01MR transistor: MOSF..
৳ 60 Tk
2SK1306 MOSFET 30W 100V 15AType Designator: 2SK1306Type of 2SK1306 transistor: MOSFETType of control..
৳ 60 Tk
2SK1306 MOSFET 30W 100V 15AType Designator: 2SK1306Type of 2SK1306 transistor: MOSFETType of control..
৳ 180 Tk
2SK-1413 MOSFET 1500V 2A 60W TO-3F.Type Designator: 2SK1413Type of 2SK1413 transistor: MOSFETType of..
৳ 45 Tk
2SK1507 MOSFET N Channel 600V 9A 50W 0.85 ohm , TO-220F.Features:- High speed switching- Low ON..
৳ 65 Tk
2SK1794 MOSFET 900V 6A 100W TO-3.Type Designator: 2SK1794Type of 2SK1794 transistor: MOSFETType of c..
৳ 60 Tk
2SK1937-01 MOSFET 500V 15A 125W TO-3Type Designator: 2SK1937-01Type of 2SK1937-01 transistor: MOSFET..
৳ 45 Tk
2SK-2098 N-channel MOSFET.FeaturesHigh current Low on-resistance No secondary breakdown Low driving ..
৳ 45 Tk
2SK2461 MOSFET 100V 20A 35W TO-220F.Type Designator: 2SK2461Type of 2SK2461 transistor: MOSFETType o..
৳ 50 Tk
2SK2462 MOSFET 100V 30W 15A TO-220F.Type Designator: 2SK2462Type of 2SK2462 transistor: MOSFETType o..
৳ 95 Tk
2SK-2485 MOSFET 100W 900V 6A.Type Designator: 2SK2485Type of 2SK2485 transistor: MOSFETType of contr..
৳ 30 Tk
2SK2508 MOSFET 250V 13A 45W TO-220F.Type Designator: 2SK2508Type of 2SK2508 transistor: MOSFETType o..
৳ 45 Tk
 2SK2545 MOSFET 600V 6A 40W TO-220.Type Designator: 2SK2545Type of 2SK2545 transistor: MOS..
৳ 40 Tk
2SK2638-01MR MOSFET .Type Designator: 2SK2638-01MRType of 2SK2638-01MR transistor: MOSFETType of con..
৳ 40 Tk
N-channel MOS-FET. FAP-IIS Series. 600V. 1,2Ω 9A 50W. > Features. > Outline Drawing. - High ..
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