ATxmega32A4U Mini Board USB bootloader

ATxmega32A4U Mini Board USB bootloader

Brand: Made in China
Product Code: DVB-32A4
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ATxmega32A4U Mini Board USB bootloader

৳ 1,500 Tk

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The AVR XMEGA gives you 16-bit performance and leading low-power features at 8-bit price. With a Peripheral DMA controller, an innovative Peripheral Event System, crypto engine, and high speed ADC and DAC, AVR XMEGA pushes the boundaries for high performance 8/16-bit MCUs.

All AVR XMEGA are compatible with tinyAVR and megaAVR devices. Within the XMEGA family, they are 100% code compatible across all devices from the smallest to the largest. It is possible to development with any XMEGA device, and switch to any other XMEGA device later without having to change any code. This allows multi-project development teams to keep and maintain only one code base and use and re-use this across multiple projects. The result is a much faster development and prototyping cycles.




Flash (Kbytes):32 Kbytes
Pin Count:44
Max. Operating Freq. (MHz):32 MHz
CPU:8-bit AVR
# of Touch Channels:16
Hardware QTouch Acquisition:No
Max I/O Pins:34
Ext Interrupts:34
USB Transceiver:1
USB Speed:Full Speed
USB Interface:Device
TWI (I2C):2
Graphic LCD:No
Video Decoder:No
Camera Interface:No
ADC channels:12
ADC Resolution (bits):12
ADC Speed (ksps):2000
Analog Comparators:2
Resistive Touch Screen:No
DAC Channels:2
DAC Resolution (bits):12
Temp. Sensor:Yes
Crypto Engine:AES/DES
SRAM (Kbytes):4
EEPROM (Bytes):1024
Self Program Memory:YES
External Bus Interface:0
DRAM Memory:No
NAND Interface:No
Temp. Range (deg C):-40 to 85
I/O Supply Class:1.6 to 3.6
Operating Voltage (Vcc):1.6 to 3.6
MPU / MMU:no / no
Output Compare channels:16
Input Capture Channels:16
PWM Channels:16
32kHz RTC:Yes
Calibrated RC Oscillator:Yes
Quadrature Decoder Channels:3
Debug Interface:PDI
Diff. ADC Inputs:48



  • ATxmega32A4U Mini Boar
  •  PDI interface
  • All GPIO expanded
  • USB 2.0 Full speed Device port
  • TF/micro sd (SPI)
  • 2.0mm 4pin TTL
  • 2 User LED
  • 1 Power led
  • 3.3V LDO
  • Reset Button
  • 2 user button
  • size:50*40mm



  • ATMEL STUDIO(Down load from ATMEL)
  • LED demo
  • USB CDC demo
  • USB mouse dem
  •  USB CARD demo
  • TF CARD File system demo
  • USB DFU Bootloader(BIN)
  • xmega Application Notes from ATMEL
  • Schematic

  • ATxmega32A4U mini board
  • USB cable
  • CD-ROM


 USB Bootloader preinstalled, JTAG/PDI debugger needed.


  • looking for worldwide local agent

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