LC-100A L/C/F Inductance Capacitance Meter

LC-100A L/C/F Inductance Capacitance Meter

Brand: Made in China
Product Code: LCR-1000
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Inductance Capacitance 0.01 pF – 10uF/1uF-100mF 0.001uH – 100mH

৳ 3,800 Tk

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LC-100A L/C/F Inductance Capacitance Meter,

This product relative to the product on the market inductance capacitance meter (such as 6243 series) in the small value of the test has an absolute advantage is the accuracy and minimum resolution, and has a flexible line calibration measurement accuracy, can be maintained at any time. Instrument does not use any potentiometer adjustment, calibration parameters are completely stored in the internal FLASH microcontroller, wont lost if power-down ,more accurate and convenient than other potential calibration ways .

Measuring range position:

  • Crange ……..Capacitance (0.01pF-10uF)
  • L range ……..Inductance (0.001uH-100mH)
  • HL range ……Big inductance (0.001mH-100H)
  • HC range ……Big capacitance range (1uF-100mF)
  • All files position are automatic measuring ranges, it is easy to operate.


  • Please reset to “0” before testing a capacitance or an inductance, or errors may be appeared. Even if “0” displayed before measuring, resetting to “0” is needed.
  • At the time of resetting to “0”, when“CALCULATING…OK” appeared, please keep pressing for 2 to 3 seconds, and the parameter written to “<DATA SAVED>” will be prompted, then release
  • Resetting to “0” is forbidden as components are being measured. If you do it, please shut down immediately and restart, then reset to “0”.
  • The time of measuring a big capacitance (above 10mF) may be more than one second, and it needs seven to eight seconds to get the measured value of the capacitance (100mF).
  • Forbid to measure a capacitance which is not discharged, otherwise it may damage the mainframe.

Package included :

  • 1x High precision L/C meter board

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