OV7670 AL422 FIFO Camera Module

OV7670 AL422 FIFO Camera Module

Brand: Made in China
Product Code: CAM-7670F
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AL422 FIFO Camera Module CF7670C-V3

৳ 1,200 Tk

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OV7670 AL422 FIFO Camera Module CF7670C-V3
This camera module is special for robot、electronic car、image processing and some other electronic gadgets. It's very useful for Electronic lovers.You can make it be more powerful and useful beyond your imagination.

  • 380KB high-capacity FIFO AL422B, very suitable for slow MCU to acquisit image data directly through the I/O.
  • 24MHZ active crystal oscillator, so it can work without external input XCLK signal.
  • OV7670 2.8V voltage stabilization LDO.
  • Single work power: 3.3 V, Working voltage is the same as the MCU operating voltage, and the IO interface can be connected directly without level transformation.
  • The camera is all the glass lenses, lens (including seat) is magnesium alloy material, focal length of the lens is 3.6 millimeters 650nm bands.
  • PCB is black FR - 4 ,quality heavy gold plate, effectively prevent the PCB from light leak problems (if it is not black, this module will have light leak problem and the images will have a shadow).
  • Module size is 3 * 3 centimeters (+ / - 0.5 mm).
  • Module pin is standard interface 2X10 2.54 mm, and convenient for cable to connect directly with microcontroller I/O for collecting images.
  • Has HREF feet ( users can use the software to control a line data accurately)
  • This camera module only need to be connected with minimum 14 IO interface from MCU, then it can realize image acquisition

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