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৳ 300 Tk
DC-14.8V 4S 30A Li-ion Lithium 18650 BMS Battery Packages PCB Protection Board Balance. The battery ..
৳ 320 Tk
4S 40A 14.8V Li-ion Lithium Lipo Battery 18650 26650 Charger PCB BMS Protection Board Charging Prote..
৳ 200 Tk
14.8V 4S lithium Battery Protection Board This shop sells the products contain electronic technology..
৳ 250 Tk
Hey, dear customers! Have you ever annoyed by the no power of your chargeable battery? Here we provi..
৳ 200 Tk
6S 22.2V 4.2V DIY 66mA 18650 Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board Balance Function Polymer Li-io..
৳ 1,500 Tk
36V 8S 3.7V  li-ion li-po balancer board  balancing board full charge  battery balanc..
৳ 1,500 Tk
Intelligent Universal 18650 Battery Charger - 4 BaySmart Speedy Battery Charger with USB Port for 3...
৳ 160 Tk
2S 20A 7.4V 18650 Lithium Battery-Protection Board BMS Standard Balance.Product Name: 2 string 8.4V ..
৳ 1,500 Tk
DC-12V 3S 100A Lithium Li-ion Battery Cell BMS Protection Board Circuit With Balance.Features:Short ..
৳ 400 Tk
DC12V 25A 3S BMS Module With Protection For li-ion Lipo Battery.Specifications:Power supply voltage:..
৳ 200 Tk
12V 18650 lithium battery protection board 11.1V 12.6V anti-overcharge 10A over-current peak protect..
৳ 450 Tk
The B3 Compact charger is a very simple to use charger for 2S and 3S battery packs. No need for addi..
৳ 2,500 Tk
This iMax B6 is a rapid charger with a high performance microprocessor and specialized ope..
৳ 2,800 Tk
IMAX B6AC V2 Professional Balance Charger/ Dis-charger.Features:• Microprocessor controlled• Delta-p..
৳ 6,200 Tk
Brand new ISDT Q6 Lite with rounded edge design easily stows in bag or pocket. Same size as the SC-6..
৳ 450 Tk
MP-914 Random 4 Tank Charger. Specification:Type:Battery StandardBrand:MPPackaging:YesUse:Playe..
৳ 25 Tk
This is not meant for charging a battery from a USB Port from a computer. A USB Port will only sourc..
৳ 25 Tk
Use mature charging chip TP4056,simple peripheral circuits,good protection performance and high char..
৳ 40 Tk
The TP4056 chip is a lithium Ion battery charger for a single cell battery, protecting the cell from..
৳ 100 Tk
This is a double switch buck 8.4V, single cell 4. 2V lithium battery charge management chip. Its ult..
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