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1uF 50V Radial 105°C Electrolytic CapacitorFeatures:High Temperature Type with Excellent RatingsLong..
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2,200uF 16V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor.FeaturesStandard Type with Excellent RatingsLong LifeLow L..
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2.2uF 35V Tantalum Capacitors.FeaturesStandard Type with Excellent RatingsWide Operating Temperature..
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2.2uF 400V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor  DIP.Manufacturer: Nippon Chemi-ConPart Number:&n..
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2.2uF 50V 225K MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Capacitor Case-3216ANote: This product has a m..
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2.2uF 50V Radial 105°C Electrolytic Capacitor.FeaturesHigh Temperature Type with Excellent RatingsLo..
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20D271K  Varistors 270votls 20mm.Manufacturer: Bourns RoHS:  De..
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22pF 50V Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor.FeaturesStandard Type with Excellent RatingsLong LifeVery Comp..
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High quality miniaturized capacitors utilize case sizes smaller than conventional general purpose ca..
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2200uF 50V Radial Electrolytic CapacitorInformation:Voltage: 50V Tolerance: 20% Temperatur..
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2200uF 63V 105C Radial Electrolytic Capacitor.Features:Nichicon 2200uF 63v 105c, Series: VZLow imped..
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CBB22 metallized polypropylene film capacitors 224J630V.FEATURE:1. Dissipation Factor is normally lo..
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220pF 50V Ceramic Capacitor.Features:Stable, Low Cost Ceramic CapacitorAccuracy: ±20%Operating Tempe..
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220uF 100V 105C Radial Electrolytic Capacitor 13*21mm DIP.Features:Standard Type with Excellent Rati..
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220uF 16V Radial 105°C Electrolytic Capacitor 6*11mm .Features:High Temperature Type with Excel..
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This is a general purpose surface mount Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor of 220uf capacitance with ra..
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220uF 220V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor.Product Range:EPCOS - B43501 SeriesCapacitance:220µFCapacit..
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220uF 250V Radial Mini Electrolytic Capacitor. High quality miniaturized capacitors utilize case siz..
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220uF 25V Radial Electrolytic Capacitor.Features:Standard Type with Excellent RatingsLong LifeLow Le..
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220µF 400V aluminium electrolytic capacitor in a Ø30 x 35mm snap-in case. Features a standard operat..
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