MS8229 Digital Multimeter With Environment 5 in 1

MS8229 Digital Multimeter With Environment 5 in 1

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Digital Multimeter With Lux, Humidity, Temperature & Sound.

৳ 6,700 Tk

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Mastech MS8229 is a unique 5-in-1 digital multimeter with specially designed features that no other meter can offer. Besides usual multimeter functions (i.e. measurements of AC and DC current, AC and DC voltage and resistance), MS8229 is used for measuring temperature, humidity, light and sound levels. The device meets the IEC1010-1 CATII 1000V / CATIII 600V. Mastech MS8229 provides both automatic and manual measurement range selection. The meter has a big 3¾ 3999 counts LCD with blue back light. DATA HOLD function for measurement result storage. Mastech MS8229 digital multimeter can test semiconductor diodes and check line continuity. The device automatically powers off after the certain period following the last measurement.
  1. ● Display 4000 Counts                
  2. ● Auto & Manual Ranging                
  3. ● Auto Power Off                 
  4. ● ℃/℉ Selection                
  5. ● Diode Open Voltage 1.5V                
  6. ● Continuity Buzzer <50±20Ω                
  7. ● Data Hold                
  8. ● Low Battery Display                
  9. ● Display Backlight     

Display3999 counts
DC voltage400 m/4/40/400/1000 V ±0.7%
AC voltage400 m/4/40/400 V ±0.8%, 750 V ±1.0%
DC current400/4000µ/40 m/400 mA ±1.2%, 10 A ±2.0%
AC current400/4000 µ/40 m/400 mA ±1.5%, 10 A ±3.0%
Resistance400/4 k/40 k/400 k/4 M/40 MΩ ±1.0%
Capacitance50 n/500 n/5 µ/50 µ/200 µF±3.0%
Frequency10/100/1 k/10 k/100 kHz ±2.0%
Temperature (thermocouple)-20°C ~ 1000°C±3.0% or ±2°C (0°F ~ 1800°F ±3.0% or ±4°F)
Temperature (NTC)0°C ~ 40°C±2°C (32°F~104°F±4°F)
Light4000/40000 Lux ±5.0%
Humidity20% ~ 95% RH ±5.0% RH
Sound level40 ~ 100 dB ±5 dB
Duty cycle0.1% ~ 99.9%±3.0%
Diode test+
Continuity checking with buzzer+
Data Hold+
Auto range/Manual range+
Maximum value measurement+
Auto power off+
Back light+
Power1.5 V (AAA) x 3
Size195 x 92 x 55 mm

Accessories Included:
● Test leads                
● K type thermocouple                
● Battery and User's manual    

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