TL866II + Mini Pro Programmer

TL866II + Mini Pro Programmer

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  • 1. ICSP interface (6-pin interface of the programmer right side) is limited to the TL866A model.

  • 2. Partly Microchip's MCU with More than 40pins require the use of the TL866A for ICSP interface programming .Most of Microchip's PICs MCU support programming on ICSP and 40PIN seat.

  • 3. About ATMEGAxxxx and SYNCMOS's MCU SM89xxx SM59xxx TL866A support serial programming on ICSP and parallel programming on seat. TL886CS only support parallel programming on seat.

  • 4. AT45DBxxxx can only be programmed using the ICSP interface (TL866A only).
  • 5. To all other chips. TL866A and TL866CS no diffrent.

Both programmers work with genuine TL866 Adapters for devices up to 48 pins.

Supporting List: PDF

Product Included:

  • 1.USB cable: 1 pcs
  • 2.ICSP color connect line:1pcs
  • 3.TL866II + Mini Pro Programmer 1pcs

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